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Rapid Prototyping

Validate your design quickly and inexpensively through rapid prototyping

Reduce time-to-market through The Goat Locker’s Rapid Prototyping services. Our wide range of expertise in CNC Machining, 3D printing, casting, and finishing of products creates a myriad of options on material, cost and turnaround time.

Save Time and Money

At a fractional cost, you can validate your design before investing in an expensive mold. We can quickly and efficiently produce a concept for an accurate, in-hand visual.

Attention to Detail

We pay very careful attention to detail in every aspect of machining, printing, casting, and finishing of a product, ensuring your product is accurate and ready to test when it shows up at your door.

Expertise for Modification

We’re not just a cut-and-dry rapid prototyping company. We are a company comprised of problem-solving engineers, equipped to help you overcome product challenges to achieve the exact outcome you have envisioned.

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