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About Us

The Goat Locker is a manufacturing and automation design firm specializing in CAD design, rapid prototyping and end-of-arm tooling. Founded by a veteran of the United States Navy, The Goat Locker is built on the principle that collaboration, persistence, and open communication are the hallmarks of problem-solving. By bringing this ideology to the technological and manufacturing space, The Goat Locker seeks to aid the next generation in bringing great ideas to life through custom-built solutions, solving the unique challenges of modern manufacturing.

Founded in 2015, The Goat Locker LLC has built a reputation for strong partnerships and innovation. We attribute this to our personal approach and extreme focus on not only creating solutions that work, but providing the tools needed for clients to take their newly built solutions and seamlessly integrate them into their pre-existing systems.

Proudly bringing the values of the United States Navy to Northern Nevada, The Goat Locker values the honor, trust and integrity that only happens when people put everything on the table, are completely honest, and are open to any and all solutions to the challenge at hand. There is no “stock” of fixes for sale, no “pre-made” solutions meant to be jammed in and sold as the best we can do. We create solutions from scratch for you and your business and we take enormous pride in the work that we do.

Ralph Zastrow


Proud veteran of the United States Navy and member of the Chief’s Mess, Ralph Zastrow decided to make a change of career after leaving the armed forces, but took all of the lessons he learned with him. A tinkerer and builder from a young age, he draws great satisfaction from developing an idea in the mind and then making it possible with the right tools and a set of hands. Ralph founded the Goat Locker in 2015 to connect his joy of building with his love of complex problem solving and collaboration.

A woodworker and mechanic, Ralph spends time restoring classic vehicles in his spare time. He also enjoys the active lifestyle that living in Northern Nevada provides and time with his family.

Mike Bartlett

R&D Engineer

Mike Bartlett started working at The Goat Locker shortly after he moved from a little town in Massachusetts, where he grew up, to the Northern Nevada area. A graduate of the New England Institute of Technology, Mike has a degree in marine engineering and spent four years building large water-crafts before transitioning into manufacturing. After working at a local Massachusetts manufacturing firm, Mike received further education in SolidWorks and other 3D modeling software, programming, machining and more.

The daily unexpected issues that come up in the manufacturing world is of particular interest to Mike. New ideas and novel solutions inspire him and he has a passion for resolving difficult problems. His father passed on a motto that he brings with him to work every day: “Work smarter, not harder.”

3,000 miles away from family, Mike is enjoying exploring Nevada and being active when he’s not working. He enjoys volleyball, hiking, fishing and reading in his downtime.